Sunday, August 12, 2018

Long Island Retro Gaming Expo 2018

I've been keeping extremely busy with being famous & building various games / adding new titles. Just prior to the show I was featured on the cover of the Long Island Business News. Shortly after I was featured in a segment on CBS.

My first experience during the Long Island Retro Gaming Expo which was today / yesterday. I was extremely pleased with the turnout & accommodations from everyone involved who created a really fun weekend.

We got a chance to see lots of cosplay at the show. Some of which was extremely entertaining.
Donkey Kong.... Playing Donkey Kong ....(& yes that's his banana on top) which was epic to me
Gotta love those classic fighters. I got a chance to battle Chun-Li, she swung first
As you can see in the background we raffled off a Pac-Man machine, the WINNER of the machine was spoken to & notified tonight, they have until Aug. 31st to pickup the machine or we will draw another winner. The winner of the raffle was a CT resident "Paula Jusa" TICKET number 6861725. As promised this was posted tonight alibiet on the late side but I was unloading from the show which was extremely time consuming.

Raiden was simply electric at the show.
Darth Vader was looking for a particular droid...

R2D2 in Return of the Jedi was playing Mario Bros both share their release dates in 1983.
Even though I thought I was the "King Of Arcades", I bumped into none other than Ritchie Knucklez at the show. Ritchie Knucklez if you don't know has been featured in many cult arcade movies, he has an extensive collection, an Arcade in  Flemington, NJ. He was looking to acquire a Guscade built Robotron 2084.

However the high score on Robotron:2084 both days of the show was set by the other famous video game collector; the "Immortal John Hancock". Apparently after talking briefly with John he has 28 full USA released sets of various console games! I also appreciated John's skills on Robotron. I was filled with many requests for obscure titles which I will do my best to get to everyone's wish list.